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The AcadSource platform provides support for various types of course resources. New types can be added to meet your organization’s needs with no added cost.

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How it Works

Digital Downloads

AcadSource provides support for any type of electronically distributed material, including software, documents, media, and more.

Account Provisioning

The AcadSource account provisioning engine facilitates the creation of student accounts in external systems. Adobe Creative Cloud is currently supported, and more can be added to meet your organization's needs.

License Keys/codes

AcadSource makes the distribution of license keys or access codes a simple task. You simply upload the keys/codes and assign them to a specific course. Students then access the relevant key/code from their dashboard.

Web Pages

Web pages can be authored and associated with specific courses. These pages can be used for a range of purposes, including general information, instructions, references, or even syllabuses.


The many features provided by AcadSource make the platform ideal for academic institutions that expect a product that is scalable, customizable, and that can be integrated with existing processes and technologies. These options include:


Our license model is based on course enrolment and resource types (digital downloads, license keys/codes, account provisioning, etc.). We also provide a site license option with unlimited use. Please contact us for a quote.

You can also sign up for an unlimited 30-day trial account.

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